Do Rain Golf Gloves Actually Work?

on 06. Mar 2021 at 14:16 PM from Craig Barnard

Do Rain Golf Gloves Actually Work?

I bought some new Cobra Storm Grip Golf Gloves but will they work and hold up to the tough British rain?

You might have seen in a recent Fun Golf review my top choice for the best golf rain glove was the Cobra Storm Grip Winter Golf Gloves. So I thought it was now time to go outside during a storm and put them to the test! Did they work?

Standard golf gloves are really effective at providing you with the best grip when your playing, but only in the dry weather. Due to the fabric or material they are made of, as soon as standard gloves get wet they immediately become ineffective, which means you will struggle to hold onto your club grip.

Wearing rain gloves means there is very little chance of the club grip slipping from your hands, even in extreme wet weather. This is why many of the top golfers have a set of backup wet weather gloves in their bags, so that they don’t ruin their round, and they shoot the best score possible, whatever the weather.

Top golfer Phil Mickleson has been carrying a pair of golf rain gloves since back in 2011. When asked he explained what happened when he did this. “…I had instant success, and it’s been kind of a staple for me. I always carry a pair of those, and any time it rains, I put them on.”

So the Cobra golf rain gloves I bought have been designed using ‘Storm Grip Technology’, this means the gloves have been made to give golfers maximum grip and feel in wet conditions. They have a tailored cuff which has been added to the glove to provide a comfortable fit and feel.

What I think is pretty cool is that the index finger has been designed to be compatible with touchscreen, so you don’t have to keep taking your gloves on and off to access your various devices. The DWR Coating that has been added to the outer layer of the gloves helps keep your hands dry throughout your round

So what did I think?

I was impressed with how strong and sticky the grip felt in the wet. This is obviously the most important part of a rain glove but it also has a close and comfortable fit and didn’t get loose or baggy once soaked which was excellent. Overall we think that this is probably the coolest golf rain glove due to the look of the glove and the sleek branding of the Cobra logo.

Check out my website for more info on rain gloves.

Craig Barnard

Craig Barnard

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