Golf Post Fantasy Game

Golf Post Fantasy Game

Current Games

John Deere Classic
PGA Tour
06/30 – 07/03/2022

John Deere Classic

TPC Deere Run



Pick your answers for round 1 until 06/30/2022 13:45.

Irish Open
European Tour
06/30 – 07/03/2022

Irish Open

Mount Juliet Estate

Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, Irland


Pick your answers for round 1 until 06/30/2022 08:30.

Rules- Golf Post Fantasy Game

All you need to know to start playing.

How many points do you get for a correct guess? How many points for a bonus question? We’ve got all the answers right here.

The idea behind the Golf Post fantasy sweepstakes is simple: just sign up and start logging your guesses.

We’ll show you the most famous players first but all other players can of course also be selected. And for a little extra help in your decision making, you’ll also see an overview of each player’s last three tour results.

There will be three main questions per tournament and then three bonus questions per tournament round.

For the main questions, you can enter your answers in the following categories for each tournament:

  1. Tournament winner
  2. Top 10
  3. Total score

Then you can log your guesses for our three daily bonus questions for each round:

  • Who’ll play the lowest round of the day?
  • How many strokes will the lowest score of the day be?
  • Will there be a hole-in-one this round?

In the daily bonus questions, you can earn extra points and increase your chances of topping the leaderboard.

Distribution of points

  • 50 points for correctly guessing the tournament winner.
  • 10 points for every player you pick as the top 10, who ends up in the top 10.
  • 25 points for correctly guessing the total score.
  • 10 points for every correct answer in the bonus questions.

The winner of each tournament is the person with the most points overall.

Names will be drawn from a hat in case of a tie.
In case two or more players have the same number of points and are tied for first place, we will pick a name at random to be that week’s winner.

All ready? Good, happy playing!

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