Forget Social Media Advice - Just Get A Lesson!

on 09. May 2021 at 14:10 PM from Craig Barnard

Forget Social Media Advice - Just Get A Lesson!

In every top sport, world class players seek professional help and have a coach to help them with their game. Golf is no different, watch any practice range at a PGA tournament and you’ll see the pros spending time under the watchful eye of their golf coach. If it’s a good idea for the top players, then it’s definitely a good idea for the average golfer. 

The one thing every golfer on the course has in common is the desire to hit longer drives and shoot lower scores. In such a technical sport, with so many intricacies affecting the swing and the strike of the ball, if you want to improve your golf, taking a lesson can help you achieve this goal. 

Too often I see amateur golfers posting a video of their swing on Facebook and asking for advice from other high handicap golfers. They all have an opinion, maybe something they’ve read in a Golf magazine, or overheard in the locker room – I can guarantee none of it will be helpful…Get a lesson!

Paying for professional golf lessons with a qualified Coach not only means that you are  serious about your game, but it also means that you are almost guaranteed to improve your golf, if you stick with it. Golf lessons are essential if you want to play better golf. Not only do you receive one-on-one instruction from a pro who knows how to improve your golf swing, they can also help you pick out the right clubs, learn how to manage your short game, and get the ball in the hole.

Tips to get the most from your golf lessons: 

1.    Decide what you want to achieve from your lessons. Is there a particular part of your game you want to improve, long game, short game, putting? If you plan this in advance you will get more out of your lessons. 

2.    Be honest with your instructor, don’t pretend that you're better than you are. Firstly, they’ll tell straight away, and secondly the more honest you are with them the better your relationship will be. This will help both of you get the most out of your time together. 

3.    Be clear on what specific actions you should be working on following your lesson. Don’t let there be any ambiguity with what you should be practicing on in the time until your next lesson. 

4.    Finally, don’t take lessons from your friends, or your spouse, it won’t end well!

Craig Barnard

Craig Barnard

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