I bought a ‘budget’ golf rangefinder...find out what happened...?

on 06. Mar 2021 at 13:51 PM from Craig Barnard

I bought a ‘budget’ golf rangefinder...find out what happened...?

If you’re a beginner golfer, you might have heard about golf rangefinders but maybe your not 100% sure what they do or how they are used in golf.

Let me help you answer some of the most common questions. Also, is there anything wrong with buying a ‘cheap’ or 'budget' rangefinder? Are they just as good as the well known brands?

There are many features which are listed by Rangefinder brands as being vitally important and reasons to buy theirs over the competition. However I’ve broken this article down to the most important three things to look for when buying a golf rangefinder:

1. Slope Adjustment – Most good golf rangefinders will have a function where they can accurately calculate the distance to the target, taking any slopes into consideration. Please be aware that this function is illegal in golf competition under the rules of golf, and it must have the ability to switch on and off. It is fine to use in practice but not in the club medals and competitions. All of the models in our list can switch slope on and off.

2. Pin Finder Technology – This has different by the rangefinder companies, but in essence it has technology that distinguishes the target (the flag) from other objects in the background which could confuse the laser rangefinder. So for example if there are lots of trees around the back of the green it helps the rangefinder to focus in on the flag to provide a quick and accurate reading. The good models will vibrate when the target is fixed upon assisting the measurement.

3. Magnification – Some companies provide magnification technology on their rangefinders, whether this is x5 the magnification or in the very expensive modes a lot more up to x7 magnification. Definitely a feature to look out for when assessing which model to add to your wish list.

So I bought a ‘cheap’ rangefinder (£70). What happened...it was amazing, it performed just as well as branded rangefinders and looks just as good. It was a Peak Pulse Rangefinder and had some amazing features such as 6x enhance and flag acquisition!

So when you're looking for a new rangefinder, don't think you have to spend big - a budget rangefinder can be just as good in improving your game!

Check my website for more info where I list my top budget rangefinders and where to buy them!

Craig Barnard

Craig Barnard

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