Ricky T's Unconventional Golf Tips, Chapter 3: Look Ahead

Don't worry, this tip isn't as scary as the last ones!

on 03. Jun 2021 at 17:18 PM from Eric Thibaudeau

Ricky T's Unconventional Golf Tips, Chapter 3: Look Ahead

Chapter 3 builds on the principles from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. This time, I will give you a simple tip that will help you adopt the previous techniques while showing you an intuitive way to shape your golf shots.

In chapter 1 I explained how I was having trouble with my chipping and pitching because I was overly concerned with the lie forcing me to make jerky movements to try to help the ball into the air. I realized that I was hitting at the ball instead of through it. My solution was to simply not look at the ball! I would look way ahead and focus on the landing point which produced some very positive effects… once I got over the nerves of being scared of whiffing the ball.

Today, I will show you a less frightful tip that can be used to improve your contact on all shots, and, it will help you shape your shots intuitively! Instead of looking way down the line, with this method, you only look a yard or two ahead of your ball. This will trick your body into swinging through the ball, instead of at it, and create excellent contact.

Let your eyes guide your swing path naturally

Let your eyes guide your swing path naturally

Now, the trick to shaping your shots using this system is easy. If you want to hit a draw, look at a point a few inches on the outside of your target line. This will naturally promote an in-to-out swing path and you’ll produce pure draws! If you want to hit a fade, simply focus your eyes on a point a few inches inside your line of play, and boom, you’ll hit solid power fades without even thinking about modifying your swing!

Have fun with this drill and try bringing it to the course, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Eric Thibaudeau

Eric Thibaudeau

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