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Bryson DeChambeau undergoes surgery on left hand

04/14/2022 by Golf Post Editors

Bryson DeChambeau undergoes surgery on left hand

Undergoing surgery on his left hand: Bryson DeChambeau (Photo: Getty).

Bryson DeChambeau has been suffering from pain since the beginning of the year

It is not yet a good calendar year for Bryson DeChambeau. The American has just six tournament appearances to his name so far in 2022, with two early withdrawals. The reason for his rather weak performances: injuries to his wrist and hip have kept BDC at bay for several weeks now.

This was also the case about a week ago during Scottie Scheffler’s triumph in Augusta, when Bryson DeChambeau said he felt 80% fit. Although his doctor had advised him against teeing off at the Masters, the 28-year-old decided to take part. The result: twelve over par after two rounds and a missed cut.

Now DeChambeau is taking the consequences and is undergoing surgery on his left hand to treat the fracture of his hamate bone. Curiously, he suffered the fracture while playing ping pong during the Saudi International. His agent Brett Falkoff told Sports Illustrated: “We look forward to a smooth recovery and rehab process. Bryson looks forward to returning as soon as he is cleared to do so”.

PGA Championship at risk due to surgery?

The surgery is scheduled to take place today, thursday. Actually, the 28-year-old would have been a guest at a Professional Long Drivers Association event in Florida this weekend. “He’s going to have surgery on Thursday” Bobby Peterson ,one of the organizers of the event, told Sports Illustrated. He added, “It’s unfortunate more for him. I hate that he’s not going to the event. But I hate it more for him. Obviously it’s not good or he wouldn’t be doing that. I know he was trying to avoid it, but I guess he felt it was something he had to do”.

The second major tournament of the season is already coming up next month. In May, golf’s elite head to Southern Hills Country Club for the PGA Championship. According to one long time PGA Tour trainer, the recovery time after surgery on the hamate bone is approximately 10-12 weeks. This means that participation in the PGA Championship is unlikely for the American. A more realistic goal for DeChambeau could be the US Open in June, which he already won in 2020. When the 28-year-old will finally return to the golf course depends largely on how the surgery and the recovery process turn out.

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