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Thumbs up: Bryson DeChambeau reports after successful surgery

04/15/2022 by Golf Post Editors

Thumbs up: Bryson DeChambeau reports after successful surgery

Bryson DeChambeau: Despair at the 2022 Masters is followed by confidence after surgery. (Photo: Getty, Instagram/@brysondechambeau)

Bryson DeChambeau injured his left hip as well as his left wrist while playing ping pong during the Saudi International in February 2022. As a result, DeChambeau was forced to drop out of two tournaments and missed the cut several times as he apparently failed to properly heal his injury. Disappointment also followed at the Masters at the beginning of April: After it had initially been said that DeChambeau would return to the first major of the year 100 percent fit, he still seemed to have had problems with his wrist and failed to make the cut. There was now no getting around surgery.

Bryson DeChambeau wants to play “at golf’s highest level” again

The injury in Bryson DeChambeau’s wrist involves the hamate bone, a carpal bone. Following the surgery, which was performed by renowned hand surgeon Dr. Thomas Graham, DeChambeau reached out on Instagram and Twitter with an update.

In his statement, the 28-year-old expressed his usual confidence. He is looking forward to playing at the highest level again in the coming months. DeChambeau seems to want to forget the past few weeks: “I made attempts to play through this injury at three recent events, including the Masters, but this is typically an injury that requires surgical treatment. Through continued discomfort from the fracture, it has caused me to alter my grip and swing, resulting in my inability to compete at golf’s highest level. This has not been easy physically and mentally for me.”

DeChambeau faces hard work ahead

Bryson DeChambeau also wrote that he will now take enough time to recover so that he can return to his usual form afterwards: “Thank you to my family, team, partners, and supporters during this tough stretch but I am excited to work hard to get back competing soon.”

It doesn’t look like DeChambeau will compete at the PGA Championship in May 2022 due to the length of time his wrist will take to heal. A return by the US Open in June 2022 would be desirable for the golfer.

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