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Solheim Cup 2023: Team Europe shines in spain and catches up

09/23/2023 by Golf Post Editors

Solheim Cup 2023: Team Europe shines in spain and catches up

Day 2 of the 2023 Solheim Cup thrills Team Europe fans. Carlota Ciganda and Linn Grant lay the foundation for the title defense. (Photo: Getty)

The Solheim Cup 2023 continues with a sensation from Team Europe. Linn Grant und Carlota Ciganda pave the way for a comeback on saturday in Spain. Now only the Singles are left.

Solheim Cup 2023: Charley und Leonia start the catch-up on the fourballs

Charley Hull/Leona Maguire (EUR) def. Nelly Korda/Ally Ewing (USA), 4 and 3

After tying the first hole, Charley Hull and Leona Maguire took the 1-up advantage at No. 2 and held that lead for the rest of the match, gradually increasing it to 4 up as the match went on. Ally Ewing and Nelly Korda did not go down without a good fight, trying as hard as they could to even the match, and even closing the European gap slightly down to 3 up for a few holes. Ultimately, they  could not close it any further. Coming down to a long Ewing putt to prolong the match, the American barely missed and opened the door for Hull to win with two-putts. The Englishwoman slammed it shut on the Americans, earning her 12th career Solheim Cup match win.

“Yeah, I like it, because we’re both not really like hyper, how do I explain it, hype-to-the-crowd people, we just kind of go along with our business, not too massive fist pumps and stuff,” Hull said about why her and Maguire are such good partners. “We make a birdie, yup; we make a bogey, yup, move on to the next hole and forget about it and I feel like we both do that quite well.”

Cheyenne Knight/Angel Yin (USA) def. Anna Nordqvist/Caroline Hedwall (EUR), 2-up

Europe struck first during match 14 thanks largely to a well-rested and fired up Caroline Hedwall, making her first appearance at the 2023 Solheim Cup. The Swede made birdie off the bat, setting up what could be another European victory. Angel Yin tied it up with a birdie on 3, but the Euros went 1-up, then 2-up on Nos. 5 and 8, thanks again to Hedwall. Cheyenne Knight did her best on No. 7 to dwindle the European lead with from 80 feet out, but Hedwall matched it with a long birdie putt. With the momentum definitely favoring Team Europe, things began to change after the turn. On No. 11, Yin brought the match back within one with a monster drive and long birdie putt. Knight tied things up with a close approach on 12, then Yin sank another long one on 12 to take the lead in just three holes. The Americans held onto that lead with all they could for the next four holes, walking onto 18 still 1-up. On the final par-5, Yin hit another long drive and got it onto the green in two, almost assuring an American victory after it took both Hedwall and Nordqvist three shots to get on. Yin’s eagle putt missed just right of the hole and rolled just three feet past, good enough to earn the Americans their only point of the afternoon after the Swedes each missed long birdie putts.

“It was so difficult because they were playing great. Hedwall was, like, giving us no opportunities. Then as soon as Hedwall, like — let’s just say she makes a little bit of a mistake, not even a big mistake, Anna is right next to the pin, and so it never really created any room for error,” Yin said of the match. “I think on each side we only had one bogey. We had one bogey, they had one bogey. So that just tells you how good of golf we’re playing. We only had to make birdie to win the hole and the pars didn’t even do anything. So, I mean, it’s just tough.”

Madelene Sagstrom/Emily Pedersen (EUR) def. Rose Zhang/Andrea Lee (USA), 2 and 1

The United States took the early lead after Rose Zhang drove the green on the opening par 4 and sinking the eagle putt to take the early momentum. The lead stood for just another hole until Europe took the lead on 4. Madelena Sagstrom and Emily Pedersen would hold that lead for 13 of the final 14 holes. Not going down easy, the Americans tried to bring the match back down to a tie with a clutch Zhang birdie putt on 9 but Pedersen matched it with a birdie putt of her own to keep the European edge. The dagger for the Americans came on No. 14 when Pedersen sunk a birdie putt from off the green to take the 2-up lead the rest of the way.

“I think everyone got frustrated with yesterday morning. Nobody wanted that outcome. But at the same time, we all knew that good golf was in us and we fought back really good yesterday afternoon, and I think this morning was also a good fight back,” said Sagstrom of earning closing the points gap between the U.S. and Europe after their 0-4 fourball loss Friday morning. “I think we were happy with a 2-2 this morning and now coming out, I mean, our goal is always to grind our match out and we did a good job from the start.”

Solheim Cup 2023: Ciganda and Grant lead Team Europe

Carlota Ciganda/Linn Grant def. Danielle Kang/Lilia Vu (USA), 2 and 1

Carlota Ciganda won her 10th career Solheim Cup match on home soil alongside partner Linn Grant, defeating Lilia Vu and Danielle Kang 2&1. It was a tied match through five holes, thanks to a barrage of birdies from each team, before the Spainard put the Euros 1-up on No. 6. Kang tied it up again with a solid birdie on the par-3 10th, but Grant and Ciganda quickly fired back with a birdie each on 11 and 12, respectively. On 13, Vu stuck her approach shot 18 inches from the cup, closing the gap to 1-up again, advantage Europeans. On 16, in front of the largest crowd on the course, Ciganda drained a solid birdie that produced a roar heard across the grounds of Finca Cortesin. The match was dormie heading onto 17, but the Americans had a good look to force one more hole and potentially tie the match. However, Kang’s putt missed just right on 17, giving the Europeans their final point of the day and bringing the overall score to 8-8 with just singles matches still to play.

“Yesterday and today, but certainly today in the afternoon I knew we were doing good, because I could hear the people cheering pretty loud. So amazing feeling. I just can’t believe we’re playing here in Spain and so happy to be a part of this amazing team,” said Ciganda. “Very happy to play with Linn. She’s such a great player. Just, yeah, very comfortable, very confident. I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

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