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Solheim Cup 2023 – Leona Maguire: “Mission accomplished”

09/23/2023 by Golf Post Editors

Solheim Cup 2023 – Leona Maguire: “Mission accomplished”

Charley Hull and Leona Maguire at the 2023 Solheim Cup. (Photo: Getty)

In a compelling show of skill and partnership, Team Europe’s Leona Maguire and Charley Hull dominated Saturday afternoon, leaving no room for the Americans to claw back, reinforcing Europe’s presence on the 2023 Solheim Cup leaderboard.

Solheim Cup 2023: Interview with Leona Maguire and Charley Hull

Leona Maguire showcased great reverence and respect for opponents Nelly Korda and Ally Ewing, acknowledging their prowess from previous encounters. “We knew we had to bring our A games this afternoon. So, just played really solid and didn’t really give them a chance to fight back at all,” reflected Maguire on the scintillating performance she delivered alongside Hull.

Charley Hull echoed her partner’s sentiments, citing the harmonious synergy and the composed demeanor they both share as crucial elements in their match play. “I’m not really a player that gets the crowds going like this or big fist pumps, neither is Leona, and we kind of just jell and do our own thing and we work well together,” said Hull, pleased with putting more blue on the board.

The mutual admiration between the pair was evident, with Hull labeling playing alongside Maguire as an “honor” and applauding her “unbelievable” play. Maguire reciprocated, expressing her anticipation for this pairing, “I think this was a pairing, me and Charley, I’ve been looking forward to for awhile.”

Despite a slightly rough morning, Maguire managed to recalibrate, reinforcing her determination and focus for the afternoon session. Maguire and Hull’s refreshing chemistry and alignment in approach were critical in maintaining control, and their performance was a testament to their resilient spirit and unwavering fight.

Leona Maguire: “Mission accomplished”

The match’s strategic significance was not lost on them. “Suzann was pretty clear of what our job was today, so mission accomplished so far, and we’ll go cheer on the rest of the girls and hopefully they can bring it home,” Maguire stated, underscoring the influence their match could have on the subsequent groups.

Team Europe’s Captain, Suzann Pettersen, had evidently set clear expectations for the duo—attaining a point was paramount. The succinct directive resonated with Maguire, “Come out, get your point, simple as,” was the order of the day, one that they successfully fulfilled, subduing the Americans from the get-go.

Charley Hull, despite struggling with a neck sprain, dubbed a “facet sprain,” displayed remarkable resilience, adapting her swing and continuing to display high levels of energy and gameplay. Her exemplary courage, coupled with Maguire’s relentless pursuit of excellence, fortified Team Europe’s standing.

As Team Europe extends its grasp on the Solheim Cup, the camaraderie and relentless spirit showcased by Leona Maguire and Charley Hull have not only fortified the morale within their ranks but have also painted the leaderboard with more shades of blue, promising an exciting showdown as the tournament progresses.

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