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Stacy Lewis Reflects on Solheim Cup 2023: A Passionate Battle and a Promising Future

09/24/2023 by Tobias Hennig

Stacy Lewis Reflects on Solheim Cup 2023: A Passionate Battle and a Promising Future

Stacy Lewis looks ahead after the loss of Team USA at the Solheim Cup 2023. (Credit: Getty)

22 Sep

09/22 – 09/24/2023

Ladies European Tour: The Solheim Cup 2023

Finca Cortesin – Casares, Andalucia, Spain

  • Round 5/5
  • Foursome
  • Defending champion: Team Europe

The Solheim Cup 2023 came to a historic draw at 14:14, a tremendous feat of tenacity and resilience from both Team Europe and Team USA at the Finca Cortesin Golf Club in Andalusia, Spain. However, it was Team Europe that emerged victorious, retaining the title due to their status as defending champions.

Stacy Lewis, the captain of Team USA, radiated a sense of pride and fulfillment in the post-match interviews. The final moments of the match were crucial for women’s golf and resonated with undeniable excitement, particularly for Carlota of Team Europe. “Just what a moment for Carlota and women’s golf,” said Lewis. Her team, she reflected, played with incomparable heart and persistence. “My team played their hearts out. Just so proud of ’em, the way they fought,” Lewis remarked.

Stacy Lewis Makes Her Entire Solheim Cup Team Cry

Throughout the week, Team USA showcased a relentless spirit, particularly on the back nine, which they played better all week, according to Lewis. Lewis was keen to emphasize that the tie wasn’t a loss and that there was substantial growth and learning throughout the week, particularly for the rookies. “It was a tie and there was so much to build off this week,” she stressed. The reflection sessions were emotional, with Lewis making her team cry as she conveyed her pride and encouraged them to hold their heads high for representing their country commendably and being classy opponents.

The determined grind of players like Megan Khang, Danielle Kang, and Lilia Vu was acknowledged, their patience and fight being pivotal in the critical phases of the game. “They just kept fighting and kept fighting, and they literally did everything I could have asked of them this week,” noted Lewis.

A positive outlook for the future was palpable in Lewis’s remarks, with a focus on the invaluable experience gained by the younger, less experienced players. This experience is expected to be instrumental in the upcoming matches. “This week was really, really good for them,” said Lewis about the younger players. She emphasized that the process and progress meant more than the results, describing the overall experience as a win considering where the team started from.

Despite the shifting tides in playing foursomes and four-balls, Lewis seemed content with the pairings and wouldn’t consider doing much differently. A hopeful undertone enveloped her reflections, highlighting the strong spirits and evolving dynamics of the team.

For Lewis and her team, the week in general feels like a win, marking significant progress from their starting point. The emotional response of the team symbolized the substantial meaning and attachment they had to this journey, fulfilling Lewis’s objective of instilling passion and commitment within her team. This Solheim Cup epitomized not just the competitive spirit but also the deep emotional connection and the boundless potential for the future of women’s golf.

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