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Everything about golf knowledge

A breakdown of the most famous golf players from around the world
How Golf keeps you healthy from head to toe – Breaking stereotypes
Why the golf club grooves are key to bring great spin to your shots
Different types of Putter with respect to the putter head
The health benefits of Golf – Pure medicine for your heart
Back pain in golfers: The modern golf swing in the spotlight of the root cause
The Golf equipment terms that will peak your set: Players irons and Blades
What golf ball fits you best to achieve your goals – Performance or Distance

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Corona & Golf

Corona & Golf

Everything on how corona is affecting golf, in your area and for the pros

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Panorama & Lifestyle

Everything about golf



Videos, news and more that will help you refine your game



What you need to know about clubs, bags and other equipment



Results of the tours



Need inspiration for your next golf trip?

The Golf ball – New out of the box or recycled from the lake?
How to look after your clubs – Cleaning tips for golfers
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